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Wooden Watches — looking for a wooden watch? Look no further!

A watch is one of the most popular accessories available to both men and women. Wooden watches are a popular emerging trend nowadays, and we at Wooden Watches specialize in selling high-quality wooden watches and accessories for them.

Wooden watches for men and women

Of course, one of the main parts of our range of commodities at this web store are beautiful wooden men’s watches and women’s watches. After all, the importance of accessorizing in styling and choosing an outfit is pretty hard to overestimate, and that includes both men’s and women’s fashion. Wooden Watches is offering you a range of unisex models, as well as lineups of gorgeous wooden watches designed specifically for a certain sex. These are all quality quartz watches made from natural wood, such as bamboo, available in different colors, styles and shapes — we even have snappy triangular-shaped watches! We’ve got water-proof models that you can leave on your wrist in the shower, for example, and also watches with wooden or leather straps. Obviously, the exact size and dimensions of every watch are listed, including the band width and length as well as dial diameter, and the type and material of every part, be that the strap, the clasp, etc.

Wooden watch accessories

If you want to buy something else to go along with your nice new wooden or regular watch, our online store can deliver. First off, check out our selection of wooden watch holders. These are sharp-looking stands made from high-quality wood that you can place your watches on. A lot of models are available at Wooden Watches, including bigger ones that can also serve as a holder for your smartphone and other items. Or maybe you’d like to get a wooden watches box — it’s a nice little box that will hold your watch on display or help you transport it. These things are beautiful by themselves, and we have small as well as big models that serve as display cases for your watch collection.

Wooden wall clocks

If you enjoy wooden products and have a deep appreciation of wooden watches and clocks, why not get one for your house? Wooden Watches is happy to offer you lots of gorgeous wooden wall clocks that would look great on a wall at your place. We have clocks of retro and vintage designs, as well as minimalistic models and even some clocks with external props.

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